USB Recording Module (Multi Sound Files per Button) with Buttons, Speaker and Battery Box
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Skill Level : Kit - No Soldering Required

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This kit includes:

  • The MP3 player board with built-in 3 Watt amplifier
  • a 3-watt speaker with 6 inches of wire connected.
  • 3 x AA battery holder with 5.9" leads
  • 4 x buttons (choose when ordering: gummy buttons with 12" wires OR Tactile Button with 6" wires)
  • Gummy buttons 12" wires

  • OR Tactile button with 6" wires

All that is needed is a small screwdriver to attach the wires to the MP3 board. Add 3 x AA batteries and you are good to go!

Features of The FN-T418

  • Uses a micro USB port to directly plug into the USB port of the PC for easy use of the sound module.
  • Built-in an 8MB flash memory, which is able to store a total of about 8 minutes long MP3 files of 
  • Supports earlier Windows, Windows 10, and Mac operating systems
  • Support audio format: MP3 and WAV
  • Able to play multiple audio files per button.
  • Built-in a class D 3Watts amplifier IC and a 3.5mm audio jack for stereo output
  • Directly drives a 0.5Watts to 3Watts (4ohms to 8ohms) speaker
  • Volume is adjustable by adjusting the blue potentiometer
  • Built-in headphone output for easy use if the external speaker is not something that will work with your project. 
  • 4-Key Operations with 7 Triggering Modes
    • 0: Short press the button to start playing, and during playing, if you press the button again, the playback will be interruptible and it will play from the beginning.
    • 1: Press the button and hold to start playing repeatedly, and when the button is released the board stops playing.
    • 2: Short press the button to start playing, and during playing, if you press the button again, the playback will be NOT interruptible.
    • 3: Short press the button to start playing repeatedly and press the button again to stop.
    • 4: Press the button and hold to start playing once, and when the sound file goes to the end, the board stops playing.
    • 5: Interruptible and switches to the next sound file.
    • 6: Uninterruptible
  • Working voltage: 3.7-5V DC
  • Working current: ≤100mA (1Watt 8ohms speaker)
  • Standby current: 0μA
  • Suitable to be powered with 3 x AA, 3 x AAA batteries, or a Li-ion battery
  • PCB size: 50mm x 34mm
  • Height of the module: 14mm

Features of the Battery Holder

  • With leads (150mm)
  • For: 3 x AA (LR06)

Features of the Button

  • With 12" (305mm) leads
  • Ends stripped and tinned 0.12" (3mm)


    • Momentary Push Switch
    • Flat rubber head (white)
    • 3mm height

Features of the speaker 

  • Small Size
  • Power rating: 3W
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • 57mm diameter and 12mm high
  • 6 inches of wire pre-attached. 

Make this module motion activated: External PIR Motion Sensor

Wiring Diagrams 

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