Sometimes when uploading your sounds a weird unwanted/unknown problem can happen where the sound files have a attribute that makes the sound board not function properly.  The issue could be a distorted playback, no playback, loops/repeats sound(s), or a few other weird instances.  It is always good to test your board with the default sounds before you edit them to make sure the board is working properly but if you have tested and then run into issues the sound files are most likely the issue.  

We have curated some TEST sound files that are known good.  This way if you run into some unknown/unwanted issues you can format your sound card and test your board with these known good sound files.  These will work will all of our Flyron sound boards (ie. FN-BC04, FN-BC10, FN-BC20, FN-TG01, FN-T418, FN-AL7T, and more..)

BEFORE YOU USE THE TEST FILES please re-format the soundboard for both the onboard memory and the MicroSD/SD card if used.  You can do a quick format but if issues still persist we suggest unticking the quick format box and do a "long" format.  If you need more information on how to format a drive CLICK HERE and there is a tutorial midway down the page.

It can be difficult to make the Read file for the trigger functions so just download the file below.  It will be defaulted for trigger mode 0 but if you wish to change that just open the text document, change the value to the trigger mode you want, go to file in the top left corner, then click (Save) do not click Save as.  That will then update your trigger mode to your desired mode, please note to make sure you have the file with the updated trigger mode on the board.