Motion Sensor MP3 Player Module with Load Output (PIR, Power connector, POT and USB extention attached)
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    • Equipped with a high-quality audio decoder chip.

    • Supports MP3 and WAV audio files.

    • Built-in 8MB flash memory, which is able to store a total of about 8 minutes long MP3 files of 128Kbps.

    • Equipped with a micro SD card holder, and supports max. 32GB micro SD card.

    • Solder pads for connection with external USB flash drive available on the back of the board.

    • Update audio files easily through the micro USB port connected with PC like using a USB drive.

    • Built-in a class D 15Watts amplifier IC that is possible to drive a 10Watts 8ohms or 15Watts 8ohms speaker.

    • Solder pads for audio signal out to external amplifier available on the back of the board.

    • Adjustable sound volume through the blue potentiometer.

    • Can be activated with a PIR sensor, microwave sensor, switch or relay.

    • Supports multiple files that can be played back sequentially OR in random order  

    • When a sound is playing, there is simultaneously a load output (Up to 200mA max), which can directly drive a warning light, LED light or LED strip.

    Technical Parameters:

    • Working Voltage: 9-24V DC

    • Working Current: ≤2000mA

    • Consumption Current at Playback: ≤500mA (12V DC)

    • Standby Current: ≤15mA

    • Flash memory size: 8Mbytes

    • Audio format: MP3 or WAV

    • PCB size: 45mm x 45mm

    Trigger Functions:

    • If there are multiple files in the internal memory, after each activation, the player will play an audio file at a time in sequence (from the first file to the last one in the loop)  This is the default setting for all boards
    • If you want the player to play an audio file randomly each time among all the files, you need to create a simple configuration file and put it together with the audio files in the root directory of the memory with a "2" in the config file.  That will play the sounds on the board in random order.
    • If you would like to have the board loop a sound you must edit the config file to have a "3" after that when you hold the button down ( Ground out the GND and TG terminals ) and apply power after, it will loop the sounds on the board ( It will loop the sounds in the order as they are on the board [ie 001, 002,  Etc..] )

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