Industrial 50W MP3 Player 7 Input Trigger Stereo Audio Player for Museums and Talking Displays (Negative Trigger)
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Button-Triggered Sound File Upload Terminal Block Connection Built-in Amplifier Headphone Audio Output Additional Memory Capable Load / Busy Output

NOTE: This is the Negative trigger version and it is also available with Positive trigger

Description: The FN-T718 is an industrial MP3 player designed to provide stereo audio output for museum exhibits, talking displaysand other industrial/commercial applications. It has not only a built-in 8MB flash memory but also a slot for a micro SDcard as well as a USB connector for a USB pen drive that hold the sound file(s), and connectors for up to 7 push buttonsfor sound activation. Upon activation the unit will immediately play the sound file once (by default) and become readyfor the next activation. And it supports 8-type trigger modes to meet different needs in different applications. A triggermode can be set with a config file easily. Besides, it's possible to switch on an external LED light during playback of a sound file.


  • Supports inserting USB flash drive and micro SD card as the extended storage devices. 
  • Supports max. 32GB USB flash drive and max. 32GB micro SD card. 
  • 7 trigger inputs available and they can be connected with as many as 7 push buttons/switches/relays, etc. 
  • Supports 8 types of trigger modes and each trigger mode can be set easily through a config file (text document). 
  • Built-in a 50W*2 class D amplifier and the audio output is powerful. 
  • Uploading audio files by connecting the micro USB port of the device to computer with a USB data cable. 
  • Sound volume is adjustable through turning the volume knob. 
  • Able to drive an external equipment like a warning light or a motor simultaneously when it is playing a sound. 
  • Equipped with a 3.5mm audio output jack that can be connected to an external amplifier or an active speaker. 
  • Adopts solid and durable aluminium alloy case. 
  • Industrial grade design and strong anti-jamming capability. 

Technical Parameters:

  • Working voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Working current: ≥8500mA @12V (when it has two 50W 8 ohm speakers)
    ≥4250mA @24V (when it has two 50W 8 ohm speakers)
  • Power consumption: ≤100W
  • Flash memory size: 8MB
  • Audio format: MP3

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