FN-MD01 Modbus RTU Audio Player with 20W Amplifier

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Sound File Upload Terminal Block Connection Built-in Amplifier Serial Control In Enclosure


FN-MD01 is a high quality serial audio player launched by Flyron Technology Co., Ltd. This product supports RS485 serial
communication and adopts Modbus RTU standard protocol, which can be used in industrial control, power communication, smart
instrumentation and other fields. It supports for changing audio files via USB, and users can do it easily on computer, which is
convenient and fast. It also has the characteristics of stable and reliable performance, high value, reusable and easy to use.

1). Adopts RS485 Modbus RTU communication protocol.
2). Built-in 64Mbits (8Mbytes) SPI flash memory by default, and supports max. 128Mbits (16Mbytes) SPI flash memory.
3). Update audio files via the type-B USB port on computer. -It works as a USB flash drive on computer. No need any program.
4). Equipped with a class D 20 watts amplifier that can drive a max. 20watts speaker directly.
5). Adjustable sound volume through the potentiometer.
6). Wide range for power input (9-24V DC).
7). Dimensions: 79 x 76 x 95mm

There are 31 volume levels (0-30). If you want to set the volume, just send the corresponding command directly.

Sending a command to set the volume will be reset when the device restarts. If you need the power-off memory, you can set the volume through configuration file.

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