Recordable Audio Speaker MP3 Sound Player Activated with Photoelectric Sensor
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Motion-Triggered Sound File Upload Solder Pad Connection Built-in Amplifier Additional Memory Capable


  • It adopts a photoelectric sensor to trigger playback of the sound. 
  • Detecting distance is adjustable between 5 cm to 75 cm (2" to 30").
  • Built-in high quality MP3 player with great sound quality. 
  • Built-in 4MB flash memory as the storage device. 
  • Update sound files easily on computer through USB connection.    
  • No need any software. It will be detected as a USB flash drive on computer. 
  • Supports three trigger modes and each mode can be set easily with a config file.
  • Equipped with a high-quality class D amplifier. 
  • Sound volume is adjustable through the blue pot on the internal circuit board. 
  • Small body but loud volume. 
  • Two mounting holes available on the speaker. Also fine to fix it using a double-sided adhesive. 
  • Length of the cable between the photoelectric sensor and the speaker: 38cm 
  • Length of the power wires: 28cm 
  • Suitable for museum displays, exhibition stands, animatronics, etc.

Technical Parameters

  • Working voltage: 6V-36V DC 
  • Working current: ≤1000mA 
  • Power consumption: ≤3W 
  • Flash memory size: 4MB 
  • Audio format: MP3 (≤192Kbps) 
  • Sound pressure level: ≤100dB 
  • Pointing angle of the sensor: 3-5 degree 
  • Response time of the sensor: 2ms 
  • Detecting distance of the sensor: 5-75 cm (2" to 30")