USB2MV2 Troubleshooting

Setup Files : 

*Download these files and use them to test your recorder. If these recordings work then your recorder is in working order. 

*Note that these files are not required for you to use your recorder. They are simply for testing the recorder if you are not familiar with it. If you are familiar with the recorder and the PM66 software then you do not need these files.

(Please note: You must already previously have installed the PM66 software before you can use these Setup files) 

Software Issues:

*Always make sure to right-click on the software icon and select the "Run As System Administrator" option. This will generally fix any minor software-related issues you may be having. 

Problem: PM66 Software stuck on the "Processing" step during programming. 

Solution: Always make sure to right-click on the software icon and select the "Run As System Administrator" option.

Problem: How to load .wav files.

Solution: To import .wav files into the software select the first drop-down menu on each of the rows numbered 1 through 200. In the drop-down menu select "New Wav." You will then be prompted to select your desired .wav file. You can find pictures of how to do this in the Setup Instructions which you can download above.

Problem: What are project files and how to load them.

Solution: Project files allow you to load preselected settings and preselected .wav files. This is convenient when needing to record the same files with the same playback option at a later date in time. Project files are in the format of .P66 and to load them you simply need to click on the "Load File" button, then navigate to where you saved your project file. To save a project file you need to import all desired .wav files, select your settings and then click the "Save File" button.  

Problem: Receive 'Run time error 75' every time I try to record to the device. 

Solution: Try disabling your antivirus software momentarily. This does not necessarily always work. Contact [email protected] if this problem continues to happen after trying this solution. 

Problem: Buttons are missing in the PM66 software. No "Load File," "Check Board," "PM66" etc.

Solution: Your downloaded file most likely got corrupted in some way. The best thing to do is to try everything on another computer. If you do not have access to another computer then uninstall the software and delete everything related to it including the download files. Shut down your computer and then turn it back on again. Temporarily turn off any antivirus software and then download the software again. Go through the install process and see if the same thing happens. Contact [email protected] if the problem continues.   

Problem: Cannot record 75 seconds to the device at 8K.

Solution: The device can hold 75 seconds at 4.7K. Length of time will increase as you increase the quality of your recordings. 

Hardware Issues:

Problem: Nothing happens when I press the white button after I loaded a WAV file to the unit.

Solution: Make sure you have removed the plastic tab that protected the button from accidental activation during shipping. Remove the plastic tab by pulling it out from underneath the switch.

Problem: Recorder worked for a few days, but then suddenly stopped working. The red light will still flash, but no audio is produced.

Solution: Disconnect recorder from the computer (if connected), remove batteries and then press the play buttons several times. Replace batteries and see if it works. If this still does not work try recording to the device again. If the issue continues contact [email protected].

Problem: What amps work well with the USB2MV2?

Solution: Our CPS27 amplifier kit works well as a low-power amplifier.