Cheap Homemade Speaker Box

Turn an old CD/DVD case in to a box for your speakers


First step to this process is to trace the outline of the speaker you are using to the DVD case you are using.  Keep in mind that you may need a larger or smaller DVD case for your speaker, I am using our SP3W 3 watt speaker. 


Step two is to get rid of the material in the way of the speaker.  Since the plastic case I am using is brittle I opted to use a soldering iron instead of a blade or drill bit to make the hole. I did not cut completely to the black line so that the speaker would not fall through the hole.


Step three is to attach your speaker to the case, I decided to flush mount the speaker so a line of hot glue on the side of the speaker held it to the case perfectly.  You may not be able to tell from the picture above but the wires of the speaker are inside of the DVD case with a closed backing.

When you are done you now have a new cheap box for your speaker that helps the sound quality and volume.  You may have to tape the DVD case closed as I ran into some rattling sounds when playing louder sounds, although with a little bit of tape the rattling sounds were completely eliminated.