Audtek 16 AWG CCA Speaker Wire 100 ft. Spool
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                                                  Description: Audtek Electronics 16 gauge 100 ft. speaker wire is perfect for running multiple surround sound speakers in a multi-channel system. Surround sound speakers do not produce deep bass so lighter gauge speaker wire can be used for long runs. Audtek Electronics's flexible clear jacket bends around corners and hides under base boards better than stiffer 16 gauge wires.

                                                  One conductor has 24 strands of 30 gauge CCA wire with red stripe and the other conductor has 24 strands of CCA 30 gauge wire with ribs for easy polarity identification. The total outer diameter of each conductor is 3.0 mm.

                                                  • Economical price
                                                  • One conductor has a red stripe and the other conductor has ribs for easy polarity identification
                                                  • Flexible clear jacket, wrapped around 24 strands of 30 gauge wire, makes it easy to run around corners
                                                  • Wire Guage - 16 AWG

                                                  • Jacket color - Clear

                                                  • Length - 100ft

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