Adjustable LM2577 voltage step-up module, boosts 3.5-35 VDC to 5-40 VDC
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This module takes a lower voltage and converts it into a higher voltage. For example, if you have 5 volts but need 9 volts, this module can assist you. You can think of it as an electrical "elevator" for voltage. It is ideal for projects where you require a specific higher voltage.

+ Voltage boost: Easily transforms lower voltages into higher values.
+ Flexibility: Adjustable output voltage from 5 to 40 VDC for various applications.
+ Compact design: Easily fits into a variety of electronic projects, with dimensions of only 43 x 12 x 30 mm.
+ STEM project: Develop and improve your STEM skills and acquire the knowledge, skills and experience needed to face the technological challenges of the future with this educational kit. This educational kit will trigger a number of processes such as problem-solving, investigative and creative thinking.
+ Made in Belgium : Whadda is a unique brand from Belgium's Velleman Group that offers DIY projects for hobbyists or makers who want to immerse themselves in electronics, programming and mechanics.


  • input voltage: 3.5 to 35 VDC
  • output voltage: 5 to 40 VDC (adjustable)
  • max. input current: 3 A
  • continuous input current: 2 A
  • chip: LM2577

Operational properties:

  • Instruction manual languages English
  • Coding skill level none
  • Electronics skill level none
  • Mechanics skill level none
  • Soldering skill level none

Product basic info:

  • Colour unit Light blue
  • Additional colour Black, Blue, White
  • Depth unit 30 mm
  • Height unit 12 mm
  • Weight unit 21 g
  • Width unit 43 mm

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