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This set is all you need to power up your Brightdot projects or any other electronic circuit in a safe way.

Among other things, the set includes a battery pack for 3 x AA batteries with an onboard on/off switch and a connector wire to connect it to the wearable development board. To give you an idea; this battery pack can power a wearable development board and 10 twinkling BrightDot LEDs (not modules) on full brightness for more than 8 hours!

In order to keep your wearable project safe in case of shorting, you can add the fuse board to the circuit. This board will protect the batteries and thus prevent a fire hazard. Use the included connector cable to connect the fuse board to the development board and you're all set. Remember, you can never be too safe with electronics kits.

Some extra fuses are also included in case you 'fused up' the ones that are already onboard the fuse board. Check out the features and specifications below for more info.


  • fuse board
  • Vin connectors:
  • BAT1: soldering points for your own power connection
  • BAT2: JST connector for standard LiPo battery and/or our alkaline battery pack
  • Vout connector: JST


  • fuse to protect the LED circuit
  • fuse to protect the development board
  • battery pack for 3 x AA batteries (batteries not incl.)
  • fuse board to development board cable
  • spare fuses (one of each type)

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