Large Brightdot Circle
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Description: It's time to get creative with LEDs thanks to the BrightDot wearable collection! The entire collection includes a series of diverse PCBs with addressable RGB LEDs and a unique ESP32 wearable development board (VMW101) to create something bright & wearable that's also smart.

This set includes a large Brightdot circle. Each PCB is super thin and includes gold plated contacts with 6 sewing holes of 1.22mm (0,04 inch). Also, all models have backup lines to ensure that one broken LED does not affect the others.

Every LED is controlled by 3 wires (power, ground & data) and can be connected via these wires to the next LED, creating a big string of LEDs. You can solder these LEDs in electric circuits, or sew them into clothing, onto backpacks, onto shoes, …


  • 1 x Large BrightDot circle
  • Integrated backup line (this ensures that one broken LED does not affect the next LED)
  • Each PCB has gold plated contacts with 6 sewing holes of 1.22 mm
  • Solder or sew them!


  • Max. current consumption: 60 mA / LED at full brightness
  • Power supply: 3.3 V - 5 V
  • Diameter: 69 mm (2,7 inch)
  • PCB thickness : 2.1 mm (0,082 inch)
  • Required: or other Arduino compatible development board