Cable locator and cable tester with tone generator for detecting wire breaks in, perimeter wire for all robot lawnmowers, electrical wiring and telephone cables.
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Save time and frustration when detecting wire breaks with our cable tester. With this handy tool, you can quickly and easily identify short circuits, open circuits, broken wires, current leaks, and even locate wires.
How does it work? It's simple! Connect the tone generator to the cable and use the probe to locate the cable break. Once the cable break is found, the sound signal stops so you can quickly repair it without having to open the wire's insulation layer.
This cable tester can be used to test various types of cables, including:

  • Telephone cables (RJ45, RJ12)
  • Network cables
  • General electrical wiring
  • Audio and video cables
  • Perimeter wires for robot lawnmowers
  • Time-saving : Fast and easy cable break detection.
  • Efficient : Simple operation for quick detection and repair.
  • Versatile : Suitable for various types of cables, including telephone cables (RJ45, RJ12), electrical wiring, audio and video cables, and perimeter wire for robotic mowers.
  • Reliable : Accurate and reliable cable break detection.
  • Simple : Connect the tone generator to the cable and use the measurement probe to detect cable breakage. Once the cable break is found, the beep stops so you can repair it quickly, without opening the wire cover.

Physical properties:

  • Width probe 35 mm
  • Depth probe 25 mm
  • Depth tone generator 26 mm
  • Height probe 145 mm
  • Height tone generator 238 mm
  • Width tone generator 43 mm

Technical data:

  • Output wave voltage peak to peak ± 3.5 V
  • Single audio frequency ± 1500 Hz
  • Maximum output volume ± 100 dB
  • Maximum reception sensitivity >  30 mV
  • Output wave form Square
  • Dual audio frequency 1300-1700 Hz

Operational properties:

  • Signal viewing modes Speaker
  • Audio output
  • Instruction manual languages Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

Audio connections

Audio output type Speaker

Battery operated:

  • Number of batteries 2
  • Input voltage rating VDC 18 V
  • Battery IEC size E (6LR61, 6LP3146, 6F22, 6KR61, 6HR61 ,1604A, 1604D, 1604LC, 7.2H5, 11604, 11604M, PP3, 9-volt, 006P, MN1604)
  • Included
  • Carrying bag

Product basic info:

  • Colour unit Yellow
  • Weight unit 260 g
  • Additional colour Black
  • Material ABS

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