Planetary Gearmotor - 140RPM
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Description: This is a simple ~140RPM (no load), DC planetary gearmotor. This motor is great for various applications such as robotics, electric locks, household automation, and small actuators.

The supply voltage range is 6VDC - 24VDC with the polarity marker at the base of the motor. The planetary gear box, mounted on top of the motor housing, gives this motor a relatively large stall torque for its size. The overall body of the motor is made of metal, with the exception of the set of planet gears on the first input gear set, which are plastic.

This planetary gearmotor has an over all body dimension of 76.1mm length with a 22mm diameter while the drive shaft is 12mm in length and 6mm in diameter.


  • Body Dimensions:
    • 22mm diameter
    • 76.1mm overall length
  • Drive Shaft Dimensions:
    • 12mm length
    • 6mm diameter
  • Planetary Gears:
    • Material: Plastic and Metal
    • Gear Ratio: 1/84
    • Rated Load: 1.5kgf-cm
    • Min. Stall Torque: 5.6kgf-cm
  • Motor:
    • Operating Voltage Range: 6VDC ~ 24VDC
    • Bi-direction
    • Graphite motor brush
    • Max Stall Current: 1.3A

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