Two 24VDC Relay Card on DIN Rail Mount
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Description: Two-way relay card with DIN rail mount. This card includes a relay driver allowing a very wide range of input configurations. The driver allows direct connection to many logic families, industrial sensors (NPN or PNP) dry contacts or voltage outputs.

Each relay has HI and LO input terminals. The relay is activated when the HI terminal is driven high or the LO terminal is driven to a low voltage. Each channel has an indicator LED.

The card mounts on standard 35 mm top hat DIN rail.

Please note that wiring high voltage can be dangerous and if at all unsure, you should contact an electrician to ensure your installation is safe and meets relevant specifications.


Supply Voltage:21.3 to 26.4 VDC
Supply Current:~4 ma/channel +~20 mA/active relay
Low Input Activation Voltage:≤0.8 VDC
Low Input Voltage Range:0 V to Supply Voltage
High Input Activation Voltage:≥2.4 VDC
High Input Voltage Range:0 V to Supply Voltage
Output Form:1-Z SPDT (NO & NC)
Output Switch Voltage:240 VAC, 28 VDC
Output Load Current:7 A (240 VAC), 10 A (28 VDC)
Relay Coil to Contact Isolation:≥1,500 VAC (1 minute)
Relay Contact to Contact Isolation:≥750 VAC (1 minute)
Relay Contact Resistance:≤100 mΩ
Dimensions:78 × 45 × 42 mm

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