Ultrafast Ni-MH Charger for AA, AAA Batteries, 4 Ni-MH AA 2500mAh Batteries Included

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ROHS Compliant

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  • charges 1 to 4 AA or AAA batteries in 30 minutes
  • powered by a switching AC power adapter with 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input for universal use (U.S./U.K. and Europlug included)
  • 4 independent channels with LED indicator for rapid charge, trickle charge or detection of defective batteries
  • automatic charge current selection for AA & AAA batteries
  • controlled by intelligent microprocessor
  • negative delta V cut-off function
  • temperature sensors protect the charger from overheating
  • with safety timer
  • with 12V car plug charging system
  • 4 x AA 2500mAh NiMH Camelion batteries incl.
Charging Time:
AA size: 2000mAh => 30 minutes
AA size: 2100mAh => 32 minutes
AA size: 2200mAh => 33 minutes
AA size: 2300mAh => 35 minutes
AA size: 2400mAh => 36 minutes
AA size: 2500mAh => 38 minutes
AAA size: 650mAh => 25 minutes
AAA size: 750mAh => 29 minutes
AAA size: 850mAh => 32 minutes
AAA size: 900mAh => 34 minutes

The charging time will vary according to the batteries' maximum capacity, the charge conditions and the amount of capacity left in each battery Manual
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