Siren Sound Generator COB

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    Description: This 18mm x 15mm Chip-on-Board PCB contains a standard alarm siren as used in personal alarms, drivers for piezo horn sirens, cars & toys. It has a wide power supply of between 2V to 5V. (However, one factory does use it with a 9V battery in a personal alarm with no apparent failures.) It has automatic power down & a standby current is less than 2 uA.

    The chip will tolerate a wide range of component values. A suggested circuit is given below. R1, The oscillator resistor was 47K; R2 3K3 and R3 5K6. With a good choke coil or transformer, and a good piezo resonating chamber sound outputs of over 105dB at 1 meter are obtainable.

    This is the first time these die form IC's have been generally available to the hobbyist market.


    • Siren sound generator PCB size: 18mm x 15mm

    • 2V to 5V operation

    • Standby current of < 2uA

    • Contains a standard siren driver

    The pinouts are as follows:

    Pin Position        Pin Function
    --------------            ----------------
         1                       VDD Positive 2 to 6V
         2                       Oscillator Resistor
         3                       Oscillator Resistor
         4                       Not connected
         5                       Push button trigger to Ground
         6                       Ground
         7                       Buzzer Output
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