4-20mA Loop Current Simulator/ Generator with LCD Display

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Description: The KTB-366 is a 4-20mA loop powered current calibrator suitable for testing 2 and 3 wire transducers.

Contains a three position rotary switch, that selects between these operations:

  • 4 mA – used to inject 4 mA into the loop.
  • ADJ – used in conjunction with the potentiometer to select 4 mA, 20mA or any value in between.
  • 20 mA – used to inject 20mA into the loop.

Two operating modes:

Simulate mode: Simulates 2-wire, loop-powered transducer. This mode uses an existing power supply or excitation connection on the PLC/DAQ equipment.

Generate mode: Generates a 4-20mA powered signal that can drive the input on a PLC/DAQ. In this mode, the KTB-366 is more like a 3-wire transducer or a signal conditioner. This mode requires power to be fed to the KTB-366 via its DC power jack. (DC power plug not included)


  • Suitable for 2 and 3 wire transducers
  • Banana and DC Jack connections
  • 40V Maximum Loop Voltage
  • Sturdy Enclosure
  • Battery LCD Display (KTB-366)
  • Display Scalable to Engineering Units
  • 0 to 50 °C operating range

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