Parallel Port Interface with Relays Card Kit 24V

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Description: Our Parallel Port Relay card allows you to control stepper motor operations from your parallel port. It uses a 74HC245 buffer IC to provide protection for your PC's parallel port and provide enough current drive for turning on and off opto-isolator inputs. Can be connected to our KTA-191, KTA-196 and KTA-179 stepper motor driver cards. The card provides 8 motor control output signals ( 4 Step signals, 4 Direction signals) to control up to 4 Stepper Motor Drivers, 4 digital inputs designed for use as limit switch inputs, 2 Relay Outputs to control spindles, coolant or vacuums, and 3 general IO which are connected directly to the port. The card is available with 12V or 24V relays and requires power at the relay voltage. Fitted with screw terminals. Perfect for a 3 axis or 4 axis CNC machine. 

You can also use it in other applications for I/O control from your parallel port


  • Finished Dimensions (mm): 58Wx88Lx25H

Available as KTA-205 (12V Powered) or KTB-205 (24V Powered) 

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