High Quality Digital Audio Player (Audio Decoder Board)

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Button-Triggered Sound File Upload Microphone / Line-In Headphone Audio Output


  • High-quality playback & record
  • External AMP needed ( Has AUX pins out to connect to your own AMP) 
  • BLUETOOTH /FM /AUX is removable functions
  • With FOLDER function show folder list and song list.
  • LCD displays folder name / song name
  • Song Pre-select function. For example, now playing song ABC, use the knob tune to song XYZ. During tuning, LCD also will show the song name synchronously, easy for the user to select the song he/she wants, then after song ABC finished, then it will play song XYZ.
  • Support MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC formats files
  • Support record from AUX or FM to USB /SD device
  • MP3 & WAV format record, default MP3 record firmware
  • Default record file specification:128Kbps, stereo, 44.1KHz
  • USB/SD Mode Support Play/Pause, Next, Previous, stop, repeat, mute, direct-select song, EQ, volume control
  • Bluetooth Mode, support Play/pause, next, previous, volume, EQ, mute
  • Support FAT16, FAT32 file system
  • Support USB/SD up to 32GB, 64Gb &128Gb not tested
  • Support 32-320kbps mp3 files
  • Power-off Memory song/volume functions
  • Operating voltage DC 12V (5V can be customized)

1: Power input , DC12V (With 78M05) / DC 5V (Without 78M05)

2: For connecting On-Board microphones.

3: AUX input (LINE IN), AUXR=AUX Right, AGND =Audio GND, AUXL =AUX Left, LINDET pin for detecting the AUX input, normally it is high level when giving this pin to a low level, it will automatically switch to source AUX (LINE IN). Application: some customer may connect the 3.5mm jack to the AUX connector, when the user inputs the 3.5mm pin from other audio source, it will switch to LINE IN automatically, and audio comes out from module audio output connector. 

4: Audio output, OUTL = Out Left, AGND = Audio GND , OUTR =OUT Right, MUTE pin can use to control the amplifier if necessary, during playback it is low level, during mute, it is high level.

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