DVR623 - DSC / DV module for Hobbyist
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    Description: This module has been designed for very simple application. It can be configured to a special DSC or DV with various settings for hobbyist making his own recording device.


    • Built in meg pixel image sensor

    • Real time Video output to TV

    • RTC, OSD

    • Storage to SD card

    • DV:

      • Image size VGA or QVGA

      • Variable frame rate setting 1, 10, 30fps

      • Variable recording duration 1 -99 sec

      • Preset capture schedule, daily or periodic

      • Trigger input for unlimited capture duration

      • Manual key input for arbitrary duration capture

    • DSC

      • High Quality JPEG image of mega pixel

      • High quality image setting 3M, 1.3M and VGA

      • Preset capture schedule, daily or periodic

      • External trigger input or keyboard snap shot

    Kit Include:

    • DVR623 module with sensor

    • RCA + Power cable combo

    • 3 pin cable

    • Keyboard

    Hint: When the DVR623 is booted up it defaults to the PAL system which means the TV image will be scrolling in black and white. This makes it difficult to see the menu as it is scrolling. Following these key presses exactly will negate the need to read the scrolling menu and will to change the value to NTSC which will stop the scrolling:

    • Hold MODE key in for at least 3 seconds until you enter the system setup

    • Press DOWN key once.

    • Press OK key once.

    • Press RIGHT key once.

    • Press DOWN key once.

    • Press OK key once.

    The system should now be in NTSC.

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