DVP-14SS211R Programmable Logic Controller

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Description: The DVP-SS2 Series is Delta Electronics' second generation of slimline industrial PLCs. The DVP-14SS211R features high speed counters, a flexible serial port, real-time monitoring and an expansion bus that allows matching modules to be mounted on the right side of the PLC without external wiring.

The DVP-14SS211R supports PID loops with automatic tuning for process control applications. The transistor outputs allow high speed pulse generation for servo or stepper motor motion control applications.

Spinning machine, conveyer belt (rotation speed control), winding machine (tension control). Used for PID temperature/humidity control, 2-axis AC motor drive constant speed control, temperature control using a analog signal monitoring of a whole factory.


  • Power Supply: 20.4 to 28.8 VDC
  • Digital Inputs: 8 inputs, 24 VDC sink or source, can be wired so all are NPN or all are PNP type inputs.
  • Digital Outputs: 6 relay outputs
  • Output Rating: 1.5 A each output
  • Communication Port: RS-232 and RS-485, Modbus ASCII/RTU master or slave
  • Program Capacity: 8 k steps
  • IO Points: Up to 238 via expansion modules
  • Software Up/Down Counters: Any input, up to 10 kHz on a single input
  • Software Quadrature Inputs: 2 - X4/X5 (5 kHz) and X6/X7 (5 kHz)
  • Hardware Up/Down Counters: 2 - X0 and X2, both 20 kHz
  • Hardware Quadrature Inputs: 2 - X0/X1 and X2/X3, both 10 kHz
  • Hardware Pulse/PWM Outputs: None

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