Oscillator Building Blocks (Assembled)

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Skill Level : Assembled and Tested

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Description: Build and experiment with astable, monostable and SR flip-flop multi-vibrators (MV) on one PCB. 6 LED's & 9V battery-powered. Good introduction to electronics. Oscillators are everywhere in electronics. They are a basic building block upon which the whole structure of electronics and computers is based.

This kit looks at the 3 basic types of multi-vibrators. They are designed to have zero, one or two stable states; the astable or free running MV, the monostable MV (also called the one-shot) and the flip-flop or bistable In the flip-flop MV a trigger pulse or control signal is required to change from one state to the other. MV's use regenerative (positive) feedback; the active components present within the circuit operate as switches being alternately cut off or driven into saturation.

These circuits have now largely been replaced by timer ICs like the 555. (See CPS111.) However, a basic understanding of them is still essential since they are still used in many circuits. (CPS9)

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for assembly!

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