AI Face Detection Module with voice recording
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Motion-Triggered Microphone / Line-In Solder Pad Connection Built-in Amplifier

DescriptionCMNB03-01 is a member of AI modules which has built-in voice recording and playback function. It will playback a prerecorded message when a face is detected. It is good for interactive toys, gadgets, and advertisement applications.


  • Small in size: 30×25mm, easy to install
  • No internet or WIFI needs
  • Built-in digital microphone for message recording
  • Built-in audio amp for power speaker output
  • Playback message when face detect
  • Battery operation


  1. There is a 3-position slide switch for mode select
  2. At the off position, it will turn off the power supply to the module.
  3. In-play mode, when there is face detection, it will play the prerecorded message. It works only with face detection, no other object detection. It will resume detection after a few seconds when the message ended.
  4. To record a message, slide switch to record, press the REC button, and speak to the module.
  5. The duration of the massage has been set at 30sec. (length of recording can be set on OEM base)
  6. LED to indicate power status as well as motion detect

Application Note

  • This module has been designed for face detection, therefore a good image of the face is important for successful detection. Below are some hints for playing    
    • The detection distance is set at about 50cm to 100cm
    • A strong backlight or too dark environment is not good for detection.
    • Always place module at the level of people’s head
    • Sometimes it will happen false detect, that is a trade-off
    • Power can be lithium batteries or alkaline AAx4. Suggest to use DC5V for a long time operation
  • Mode select can use onboard slide switch or external switch by using J7. When using an external switch, please use external DC power instead, no need for power connected to J1. 
  • For audio recording, an external key switch is needed. Refer to the schematic below. LED isan option for external output. This LED is in parallel to D2 on the module, which is to indicateface detected.

Example of the CMNB03

Here is a quick example of the AI sound module that we currently carry. If you need any help determining which one to purchase, please feel free to contact us. Have a nice day! 

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