C8202A UVC Module for MuC30x Camera Modules

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C8202A C7042 USB Module

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Description: The C8202A is specially designed for interface micro-camera module, muC30x. It has built in a delicate DSP for the interface for muC30x as well as the USB2.0 transceiver. It is UVC compatible and no PC driver is required.


  • UVC compatible, no driver is needed for win7, win10

  • Good for some kernel of Linux OS

  • Output 400x400pixels at 30fps

  • YUV422 for video data output

  • LED to indicate operation status

  • Enter sleep mode when no data streaming

  • Simple operation for AWB

  • Mini USB connector

  • Powered by USB port


Q1: What is difference between C8202A  and C3842?

A1: C8202A is driver-less for a PC application but with limited functions, only viewing. it works for most windows OS, or even on some Linux systems. C3842, need user to install a driver before viewing, user can also manipulate the camera for image control and etc.

Q2: What is the "White Balance Button" for?

A2: When you find that the color of the picture is not true to color due to lighting differences. Point the camera to a white paper. Then press the button for a second. Color balance will be set.

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