RS-485 Input 5 Digit Process Indicator (48x96mm)

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    SKU : AXI-020
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    ROHS Compliant

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                    Description: This 5 digit indicator will allow you to easily display readings from a Modbus RTU master via a RS-485 link. Using pushbuttons on the front the user can easily setup up the Baudrate, Parity, Modbus address of the indicator


                    • Readout Range -19,999 to 99,999, decimal point selectable

                    • Modbus RTU Protocol

                    • DC 22~50V powered

                    • 19200/9600/4800/2400 selective baudrate

                    • High brightness 0.8” (20.3mm) LED

                    • Modbus address selectable 01~255

                    • Dimension: 48x96x82mm

                    • Discrete screw terminals allow easy connection

                    • CE EMC certification

                    • Part number: MS5-C-S

                    Options Available

                    AC/DC 100-240V powered
                    Dual Reading (Displays two readings see AXI-021)
                    Alternate 4 digits (-9,999~9,999) and 6 digits (-199,999~999,999)

                    Documentation and Downloads