Frequency/Tachometer/Line Speed Meter with 2 Relays, 24 V Powered
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ALT-079 DCbox DC5H-R-N2M-C-R2NN

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Description: The DC5H/AM5H series are budget priced 5 digit panel meters which can be configured to operate as a tachometer, line speed meter or frequency meter. This model features 2 alarm relays.

The meter can be configured to show frequency, RPM or line speed (counting pulses from a line-following wheel or drum of configurable diameter). The unit comes with a large range of stickers for the front panel including RPM, M/min and kHz.

Line speed and RPM values can be measured using a wheel or drum sensor. The meter can be configured for sensors outputting 1 to 99,999 pulses per revolution. In line speed mode, the drum diameter can be set from 0.0001 to 9.9999 metres.

Manufacturer Part: DC5H-R-N2M-C-R2NN or AM5H-R-N2M-C-R2NN.


  • 5 Digit Microprocessor Rate Meter

  • High brightness 0.8” LED display: 0 to 99999; configurable decimal point

  • Line Speed / RPM / Frequency selectable

  • Configurable Pulse per Revolution setting

  • Configurable scalling setting

  • Configurable wheel diameter (0.0001 to 9.9999 metres) in line speed modes

  • Configurable low pass filter for low frequency (≤100 Hz) signals

  • 2 configurable alarm relays

  • Provides 5 or 12 VDC auxiliary power for sensor.

  • CE approval

  • High stability, non-fammable case(PC), high safety

  • Accuracy: 0.03% F.S.

  • Measuring NPN/PNP DC Pulse Input frequency: 0.001 Hz to 100 kHz

  • Dimensions: 96 × 48 × 112 mm.

  • Suits panel cutout: 92 × 45 mm.

Input Signal:

The signal input for this meter can come from a range of NPN/PNP or dry contact sensors. An external excitation voltage is supplied at the back of the unit for sensor power. As shipped from the factory, the unit is configured for 12 VDC excitation supply and NPN or dry contact input. Internal jumpers can be moved to set 5 VDC excitation aor PNP input type.

A seperate jumper enables a low pass filter, useful for input frequencies less than 100 Hz. By default, the unit ships with the full 100 kHz input frequency range available.

Display Units and Modes:

The SCALE and PPR (Pulse per Revolution) settings allow the input frequency to be scalled to just about any units desired. The meter has some functions built in that make common scalling configurations easy.

The type setting applies fixed scalling appropriate for direct frequency display (no additional scalling), RPM display (scales pulses per second to pulses per minute) and linespeed, which scales pulses accounting for the diameter of a pickup wheel or drum.

  • Frequency: Displays input frequency / PPR setting × SCALE setting

  • RPM: Displays input frequency × 60 / PPR setting × SCALE setting

  • Line speed: Displays input frequency × 60 × π / PPR setting × SCALE setting

A second scalling setting is activated when in line speed mode. The drum or wheel diameter (set by the SCALE parameter) is configured in metres, but by setting the UNIT parameter, the display can be set to show line speed in metres/min, yard/min or feet/min.

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