Learn How To Solder

Beginner soldering tutorial. Learn how to solder electronic kits!


How To Use a Multimeter

Learn how to use a multimeter.


How To Make a DIY Garage Door Opener

Follow this video to make your own DIY pin pad to open your garage door or to activate anything you wish with a secret code. 


How to Design a PCB

Tanner from Tritium Studios demonstrates how to design a PCB.


DIY Cosplay Sound Glove

This project isn’t just for Star Wars fans, it's for any cosplayer that has a need to re-create their favorite character’s sounds. Not all of us can replicate Chewbacca’s growl, or give a Tusken Raider battle cry. If your character has unique sounds, you can take your costume to the next level with a 4 button sound glove 

More details and links to all the items needed on this page


How To Replace an iPhone Screen

How to replace an iPhone 3G/3GS screen. Shows all the items that need to be purchased to correctly replace the screen of an iPhone. 


Arduino inventor's training series intro

See the introduction to our exciting new series on the Arduino inventor's kit. Future episodes will show step by step on how to build the projects listed in the manual with the kit.


Arduino Inventor's series - 1st circuit

Demonstration on the first circuit from Arduino Inventor's kit.


Arduino Inventor's Series - 2nd circuit

Explanation of the 2nd circuit from the Arduino Inventor's kit.


Arduino Programming Concepts

Explanation of simple Arduino programming concepts.

This video is for all of you who would like to learn some basics of ARDUINO programming. Tanner covers syntax, basic programming structure, variables, math operations, comparisons and control structure, and digital and analog output controls. At least, some knowledge of running the compiler is required.

Link to the .txt from the video demo.


MUC303 Micro Camera Video Demonstration

MUC303 Micro Camera Video demonstration. See this extremely small video camera demonstrated.


C329 Camera Module Demonstration

C329 Camera Module demo with EV kit. UART and SPI version with EV kit. This C329-UART camera is a replacement for the now-discontinued C328 cameras.


Ohm's Law Explanation

How to light a LED with a 9V battery


USB6M-PM66 with PIR Motion Detector Software

USB6M-PM66 with PIR Motion Detector Software Demo.


How a Relay Works

A video about how electromagnetic relays are connected.


How to use USB2Mv2 and USB7M Software

This is a short video demonstration on how to use the USBMv2 and the USB7M software. 


Demo of C429 Software

Demonstration of C429 camera module software.

Key Features:

  • CMOS sensor or CCIR656 video input
  • CCIRT656 digital video output
  • Supports UART interface to connect various host controller easily
  • Supports VGA M-JPEG video output with frame rates up to 30 fps
  • Embedded OSD image overlay
  • Video optimization under low light environment
  • Smart noise forecast and reduction
  • Motion detection and alarm trig
  • NTSC output
  • Various image processing modes

20 Second recording and playback module demo

Product demonstration of a 20-second recording & playback module. Learn how to use this versatile small message, music, or voice recorder. This very popular recorder is available for only a few dollars!


How to use the USB5M

An instructional video to show you how to use the USB5M and the PM66 software.


How to use the USB2M 

Please note: The current USB2MV2 uses the PM66 software and not the legacy VDM writer software. The USB2M that was sold before 10/01/2012 used the VDM writer software. This video is left up for customers that still have the legacy USB2M recorder. The legacy VDM software is available on this page