DIY Cosplay Sound Glove

All you need to make your own Cosplay Sound Glove has created an excellent tutorial on how to make your own sound glove.

This project isn’t just for Star Wars fans, it's for any cosplayer that has a need to re-create their favorite character’s sounds. Not all of us can replicate Chewbacca’s growl, or give a Tusken Raider battle cry. If your character has unique sounds, you can take your costume to the next level with a 4 button sound glove. Hidden under your costume, you can trigger 4 different sounds by hand, amplified by a small speaker worn around your chest. This project isn’t terribly expensive, nor does it require a lot of time. You can complete the sound glove in just a few short hours, with readily available tools.

The heart of the sound glove is the MP3 board. I purchased this item online at It comes in 2 versions. One version is thinner but requires soldering of the battery pack and control switches. The other version is a little thicker but only requires a small flathead screwdriver to secure the battery and switches.

Materials HappyTrooper used in his video:

Sound Glove Components from
4 button trigger MP3 board ~$24
9 volt battery clip or holder ~50cents
Contact switches x 4 ~$1/each

Other components from Amazon:
Wrist Compression Glove ~$10
3.5mm (1/8″) mini to mini cable ~$2
Velcro ~$3
Voice Amplifier ~$25-$50

Recommended Tools

Small Screwdriver
Needle/Thread or Sewing Machine
USB to micro USB cable
Wire strippers

Soundtrack: “Epic Trailer” by: Xedogen, available at AudioJungle

Please Note: The alternative MP3 player referred to in the video does now work on all windows versions i.e.: Windows 10 or earlier.

NOTE: In 's video he used a voice amplifier to connect to the MP3 Board. It is also possible to use a speaker that directly connects to the MP3 player.   If you do want to use a speaker instead of the voice amplifier, we have put a kit together, that contains all the electronics that was used in HappyTrooper's video. See this page to order the kit for $49.95!