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PIR RE200B and FN-BC10

Brian Davis

I'm trying to use these two modules together and have a couple of questions. First, regarding the PIR: am I correct in thinking the black wire is GND and white AL? Or is it the other way around? Documentation\data sheet isn't clear.

Second, when using this PIR with the FN-BC10 (powered by three AAs), do I need to include a resistor and if so, what value and how should it be connected? Asking as the board is set to CFG 2, but on power up it begins playing all the loaded files in sequence. Multimeter shows the voltage on pin K1 starting at about .25V and then immediately jumping to about 3.15V, and it never goes low again.

If I pull the wire from K1, power cycle the board and THEN connect K1, it behaves as expected with detected motion triggering a random MP3. But as soon as I cycle the power it's back to the first scenario.