This product has been retired from our selection and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets etc.

The C429-EVKIT is a ready-made 6-pin to RS232 cable, a schematic of which is also illustrated on the C429-series camera datasheets. Instead of building it yourself, however, we've built it for you here. With this cable and any C429-series camera(s), users can send a snapshot command from the host in order to capture a full resolution, single-frame still picture ( MT9v011+VC706  sensor). The picture is then compressed by the JPEG engine ( VC706 ) and transferred to the host.

NOTE: THIS EV KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE (and IS NOT included with) ANY C429-series CAMERAS.

NOTE: You only need one of these EV-KITS even if you order multiple cameras. One kit works for all C429-series cameras.

Documentation and Downloads: