Battery replacement BRM06N / BRM20N / BRM14M


(1) Have three replacement LR44/AG13 watch batteries ready.

(2) Remove the battery cover with a small Phillips screwdriver.

(3) Remove the 3 x old LR44 batteries.

(4) Insert 3 new batteries.

(5) Take note that the (+) flat sides of the batteries, face toward the spring (see pictures).

(6) Replace the battery cover with Phillips screwdriver.

(7) Replacing the batteries will not erase previously recorded message.

(8) How to record a new message:

Record: Slide switch to the "REC" position. Press and hold the top of the housing. While the LED recording indicator is on, speak into the built-in microphone about 8-10 cm away with a normal speaking voice. Release the top to end recording. (Recording automatically stops when memory is full.)

Play: Slide the switch to the "PLAY" position, and press the top of the housing to play.