SMD LED - RGB Inolux PI22TAT5R5G5B-2427 (Pack of 10)

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    Description: The PI22TAT5R5G5B-2427 is a mouthful, but it's also an addressable RGB LED in a very small 2.4x2.7mm package. This four pin IC uses standard 5V/GND/DI/DO found on WS2812B (aka “NeoPixel”), but in a lot smaller package.

    While we haven't gotten a chance to test it these LEDs use the same timing for data so these LEDs should work nicely with the popular Fast LED library.

    These are 8-bit RGB LEDs meaning each LED color can achieve 256 different levels of brightness leading to 16,777,216 possible combinations of colors. You can produce any color from white to black (off), or salmon to sienna.

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