Y201-RS232 JPEG Color Camera Serial UART Interface (RS232 Level)

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SKU : Y201-RS232
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Skill Level : Assembled and Tested
ROHS Compliant

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Description: This item is another possible replacement product for the C328 camera module which is phasing out.

The Y201-RS232 is a new generation serial port camera module which captures high resolution pictures using the serial port. The Y201-RS232 is a modular design that outputs JPEG images through UART (RS232 level), and can be easily integrated into an existing design. Click on the picture for downloads, including open-source software, evaluation tools, Arduino sample code, a user manual and even a step-by-step tutorial.

Testimonial from one of our customers now using this unit in their game-trail cameras: "We have ordered and tested these cameras, after testing about 20 other models after the C328 was discontinued. This camera is far better than the C328. It is faster to acquire a photo and the photo quality is MUCH better too. The day photos don't have the pinkish tint and the night IR photos are sharper and longer more sensitive to IR." - Bill Powers,PixController, Inc. Pennsylvania

  • Different image capture systems
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Industry monitoring
  • Medical equipment
  • Video phone
  • Security
  • Vehicle based GPS
  • VGA/QVGA/160*120 resolution
  • Support capture JPEG from serial port
  • Default baud rate of serial port is 38400
  • DC 3.3V or 5V power supply
  • Size 32mm X 32mm
  • Current consumption: 80-100mA
  • The pin near C03 is AV output pin, which is an analog output pin.
  • Weight 0.025 lb
Documentation and Downloads:
Documentation and Downloads

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