300 Second (5 minutes) USB Recording Module with PUSH-SWITCH and White Enclosure (Windows 7 ONLY)

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This previous version requires Windows 7 ONLY. Now on closeout at a reduced price. The newest version that utilizes Windows 10 can be purchased here!


Description: This module connects to your computer via a USB cable. Then use the free software to record up to 300 seconds of .wav files to it. The software is very powerful and will allow you to stack wave files and program pauses so the same button can be used to trigger up to 200 different messages! (The messages are played sequentially each time the PUSH-BUTTON is pressed) Comes with a built-in speaker.


  • Up to 300 seconds of re-recordable voice message (4.7K sample rate)
  • Includes 6 different playback settings including repeat and continuous playback
  • Use USB type-B male connector for direct plug into USB cable
  • Easy to transfer software for windows of .wav audio files
  • Range of 4K - 20K sample rate.
  • 300 seconds non-volatile recordable IC.
  • Operating Voltage 3 to 5 V DC (3 x AA batteries not included)
  • Operating Current < 50 mA
  • Standby Current < 5 uA
  • Front push switch playback
  • 57mm built-in speaker, Rated Power 0.25w, Peak Power 0.5w, 16 Ohm
Dimensions: 65 x 94 x 26mm

System Requirements: 
Additional Details:
NOTE: This unit will only record .WAV files. However, you can download a .mp3 file converter here:  It is a very easy to use. Just open the sound file in this program, and save it as .WAV, and select PCM unsigned, 8 bit, mono in the Attributes section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use PWM DIRECT DRIVE in the software for this unit (DO NOT USE DAC for Ext.AMP like for the USB5M).

In Windows Vista/ Win 7 the PM66 software must be run as administrator by right clicking on the PM66 icon ad then click to "Run as administrator" NOTE: To adjust volume, use GOLDWAVE for a softer or louder recording.

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