mCam701 HD Camera Module (2m Cable)

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    Description: This is one in a family of products based on the most advance CMOS mixed signal technology. It integrates image array, signal processing, timing and control circuitry, all on a single chip. It is ideal for applications requiring a small footprint, low power and low cost.

    Small Tip Size: 3.8 OD x 8mm!

    NOTE: This camera does not come with a lens. End user to supply and mount own suitable lens.


    • Tip size 3.8 OD x 8mm 

    • Resolution: HD1280x720 pixels

    • Operation voltage 2.8V

    • MIPI interface

    • Low power consumption

    • Cable size: 1.8mm OD

    • Cable length: 2M (upto 4M) 

    Application Example:

    • Inspection device

    • Endoscope

    Pin Description (tentative):

    1. VDD 2.8VDC

    2. GND Ground

    3. CLK Clock input from backend

    4. EVD D 1.5VDC

    5. SDA I2C data

    6. SCL I2C clock

    7. MCP MIPI clock Positive o/p

    8. MCN MIPI clock Negative o/p

    9. MDP MIPI Data Positive o/p

    10. MDN MIPI Data Negative o/p

    PLEASE NOTE: Because of the extremely small size and delicate nature of this camera we cannot accept any damaged cameras back for exchange or refund.

    NOTE: Backend Module Selection is the USB-C8207 you will need this to operate this module.  

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