Modbus Programmable Stepper Motor Controller 12V

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KTA-193 Programmable Stepper Motor Controller:
  • MOTOR SPEEDS UP TO 14.5K Steps/Sec

Based on the Serial Stepper Motor Controller the introduction of a more powerful micro-controller has allowed us to produce a standalone 4 axis stepper motor controller which can be programmed via a PC using supplied software. Alternatively the card can be controlled via a PLC to free the PLC from complex stepper motor control routines. Up to 4 cards can be controlled from a PLC using the Modbus protocol.

Up to 120 instructions can be programmed into the controller for 1 motor, 80 instructions for 2, 60 instructions for 3 and 50 instructions for 4 motors. Instructions are saved in EEPROM and are retained through power loss. Just program once and then let it go. Ideal for repetitive process tasks involving stepper motors, the unit provides 8 digital outputs which can be used as the direction and step signals. The outputs can also be used as general purpose digital outputs when not being used for motor control and the 4 digital inputs can be used for limit switches or program control. Now 2 Relays have been added for additional control.

Instructions include:
  • Absolute Move
  • Relative Move
  • Move and Wait for Limit Switch
  • Wait x milliseconds
  • Digital/Relay Output On/Off
  • Set Max Stepping Rate
  • Set Start Stepping Rate
  • Set Step Increment
  • Set Motor Position
  • Wait for Input (Rising, High or Falling)
  • Jump to Instruction x
  • If Jump. If the input is present do the following instruction otherwise jump to line no xx
  • Jump to Start
  • The program can be instructed to run once, a number of times or continuously.
  • Finished Dimensions (mm): 78Wx92Lx25H
Available as KTA-193 (12V Powered) or KTB-193 (24V Powered).

(Full Documentation in pdf Format)


Q1. Will the KTA-193 push a 3 amp load constantly?
A1. The KTA-193 only produces the step and direction signals which in turn are connected to a stepper motor drive and motor. It does not output the current to drive the motor coils on the stepper motor (therefore amperage doesn't matter).

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