Copperhead WiFi Shield for Arduino

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Description: This is the shield you need to get Wi-Fi connectivity to your Arduino-based project! This shield provides 802.11b connectivity and is a direct drop-on plug-and-play solution to your Arduino Diecimila/Duemilanove/Uno. Click on the picture for pin usage and schematic download.

Shield Features:

  • Add-on shield built for Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove and Uno

  • Dimensions, shape, even color match exactly!

  • True plug-n-play solution

  • Uses SPI for host communication (max speed 25MHz)

  • All Arduino headers brought out for easy access

  • Easy access reset button on-board

  • On-board PCB antenna

  • Switchable interrupt pin usage between INT0 and digital pin 8

  • Switchable LED on digital pin 9

  • Switchable CS pin for serial flash between digital pin 10 and digital pin 7[1]

Wi-Fi Module Features:

  • 802.11b Wi-Fi certified

  • 1Mbps and 2Mbps throughput speeds

  • Supports both infrastructure (BSS) and ad hoc (IBSS) wireless networks

  • Ability to create secured and unsecured networks

  • WEP (64-bit and 128-bit)


  • Low power usage

  • Sleep mode: 250μA

  • Transmit: 230mA

  • Receive: 85mA

Pin Usage:

  • SPI

  • Slave select (SS) : Arduino pin 10 (port B, pin 2)

  • Clock (SCK) : Arduino pin 13 (port B, pin 5)

  • Master in, slave out (MISO) : Arduino pin 12 (port B, pin 4)

  • Master out, slave in (MOSI) : Arduino pin 11 (port B, pin 3)

  • Interrupt (Uses only one of the following, depending on jumper setting)

  • INT0 : Arduino pin 2 (port D, pin 2)

  • DIG8 : Arduino pin 8 (port B, pin 0)

  • LED : Arduino pin 9 (port B, pin 1)

  • To regain use of this pin, remove the LED jumper cap

  • 5V power

  • GND

NOTE: If you setup the serial dataflash CS pin to use pin 10, then the WiFi module will not be usable. In order to use the dataflash and WiFi concurrently, the dataflash jumper CS pin must be set to pin 7.

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