Greeting Card Recording Module 20 Second

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Description: 20 second card type recording unit. This module can be pasted (self-adhesive backing) into birthday cards, Christmas cards etc. When the card is opened your message will be played. You can record your own custom 20 second message with the built in microphone. The module is pre wired with a speaker and battery. All that is left for you to do is to record a message, past the module in your card and remove the little plastic tubing from the metal strip that protects the battery from running down when shipped from the factory.

Product Information:

  • Description: 20 second recording card module

  • Size:Length : 120mm, Width : 44mm, Height: 7mm

  • Accessories: Battery Insulator, Battery G10 3pcs, Speaker 40mm (1.6")

  • Function: Record & Play back

  • Operation: Record : Press switch. Play back : Open the card.

  • Length of record: 20 seconds

How to attach and record your message.

1) Remove the plastic stub from underneath the battery (this stub kept the battery from draining while in storage)
2) Peel the wax paper off the back of the recorder unit.
3) Place the recorder on the fold of the card
4) Open card so the metal "arm" can make contact with the main board
5) Then you can start recording action by pushing the button until you hear one "beep", this is the sound for you to begin the sound you want recorded onto the device
6) You can tell when the recording time is up by hearing two "beeps". This means the time is up on the module

7) If you have done the steps above correctly, the message should playback when the card is opened.
8)  You can record your message again by repeating steps 4-6 until you are happy with the message. 

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