12V DC Strobe Xenon Flasher (Assembled)

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Skill Level : Assembled and Tested

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Description: This Kit builds the circuit to trigger a high voltage xenon flashtube using a 12V DC input from a power supply. The flash rate can be varied between 1 and 2 flashes per second using an onboard potentiometer. Component changes can move the flash rate range faster or slower. The Kit is constructed on a single -sided printed circuit board (PCB). Protel Autotrax and Schematic were used to design the board. PCB size: 3 1/2"x1 3/4" (CPS163)

WARNING: This kit step the voltage up to about 300V to drive the flash tube. This kit needs to be built into a suitable plastic enclosure before operating it!

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for assembly!

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