IR Door Minder (Assembled)

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Skill Level : Assembled and Tested

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This kit uses an infrared (IR) beam to monitor door & passage-ways or any other area. When the beam is broken a relay is tripped which can be used to sound a bell or alarm. Suitable for detecting customers entering a shop, cars coming up a driveway, etc. The IR beam is very strong. Distances over 25 yards can be monitored with this kit. A 12VDC unregulated supply is required to power the kit. A 12V wall adaptor is fine. Only one power supply needs to be used to power both units. The relays in this kit are rated to switch mains voltages. With power applied the relay is normally operated and only releases when the beam is broken. The relay contacts labelled “NO” (Normally Open) and “NC” (Normally Closed) refer to when the relay is released. The plastic tube is to put over the IR LED to direct its beam. This is needed when the barrier is only a few yards apart. 
  • IR transmitter PCB size: 45mm x 30mm (1.77" x 1.18") 
  • IR receiver PCB size: 50mm x 48mm (1.97" x 1.89") 

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for assembly!
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