Servo Motor Driver using PIC16C71 1-4 (Kit)

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Using a PIC 16C71, a crystal, 8 resistors & 4 capacitors this kit will independently control up to 4 servo motors. We do not supply the potentiometers or servo motors. (a Futaba FP-S148 was used in the tests.) 5V DC power supply required. Full instructions provided. Servo motors are used in radio-controlled models (cars, planes), robotics, theme park special effects, test equipment, industrial automation. At the hobbyist end of the market they are small, compact and relatively inexpensive at around US$20. The motors themselves are black boxes which contain a motor, gearbox and decoder electronics. Three wires go into the box; 5V, ground and signal. A short shaft comes out of the motor which usually has a circular interface plate attached to it. Most servos will rotate through about 100 degrees in less than a second according to the signal input. This kit will control up to 4 servo motors simultaneously.
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