Multi Mode Timer (Assembled & Tested)

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    Description: Uses microcontroller and crystal for accurate low cost timing. Seven different timing modes and four different timing delays! Modes and delay ranges are set by DIP switches.  

    4 Different Timing Delays:

    • 1 – 255 seconds

    • 10 – 2550 seconds

    • 1 – 255 minutes

    • 10 – 2550 minutes (42.5hours) 

    • PCB size: 1.9”x3.8” 

    • Timer operating voltage: 12VDC 

    Mode 1 - Instant On, Delayed Off, Level triggered

    Trigger signal operates the relay and starts the timing cycle. The relay remains operated for the selected delay time then releases. Loss of trigger signal causes the timing cycle to stop immediately and the relay to release. The timer will then be ready for another trigger signal.

    Mode 2 - Instant On, Delayed Off, Edge triggered

    Same as Mode 0 except that loss of trigger signal does not affect the timing cycle. However, applying another trigger signal before the end of the timing cycle will restart the timer from zero. The effect is a “retriggerable” timer.

    Mode 3 - Delayed On

    Trigger signal starts the timing cycle. At the end of the delay time the relay operates and stays operated until the trigger signal is removed or the timer is reset. Loss of trigger signal during the delay time aborts the timing cycle.

    Mode 4 - Instant On and Hold, Delayed Off

    Trigger signal operates the relay but does not start the timing cycle. The relays remains operated while the trigger signal is present. Loss of trigger signal starts timing cycle. Relay releases at end of delay time.

    Mode 5 - Toggling

    Trigger signal operates the relay for selected delay time. The relay then releases for the same delay time. This cycle continues until loss of trigger signal or reset.

    Mode 6 - Instant On, Delayed Off, with Pause

    Similar to Mode 0 – a trigger signal operates the relay and starts the timing cycle. However, loss of trigger signal causes the timing cycle to pause – the relay remains operated. Re-applying the trigger signal will re-start the delay time from where it was stopped. At the end of the delay time the relay releases.

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