5 Minutes Recording Module - Separated in 5 Segments - Module ONLY

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    PLEASE NOTE: This is just the module. Doesn't include the microphone, speaker battery box etc., that plugs into this module.

    Record and playback a total of up to 5 minutes! Up to 5 separate messages can be recorded and played back. The 5 segments share a total of 5 minutes.

    • PCB size: 1.9" x 1.6"
    • 6V DC
     Mating connector sold separately 


    Q1: Does message repeat when it finishes?
    A1: No the White button must be pressed again after message stops to play it again.

    Q2: If white button is pressed and not released will message repeat?
    A2: No. The message will only play once. Button have to be released and pressed again for message to replay.

    Q3: What happens if white button is pressed again during playback of message?
    A3: playback of the message stops. Another press will restart message from the beginning of the segment.

    Q4: During playback of a segment what will happen if white button of another segment is pressed?
    A4: The segment that was playing will stop and the new segment that was pressed will start to play.

    Q5: Can each of the segments only record 1 minute?
    A5: No. Each segment can be more than 1 minute or less than 1 minute. However total length of all 5 segments together cannot exceed 5 minutes.

    Q6: Do all the recordings get erased when the batteries are removed?
    A6: No it is non-volatile memory. Removal of batteries will not erase the recordings.

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