Beginners Guide to Embedded C Programming Volume 2

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    Description: Timers, Interrupts, Communication, Displays and More  Timers, Interrupts, Displays, Serial Communication, Motor Control projects  Shows how to use the Microchip PIC16F690 microcontroller peripherals All projects use the Microchip PIC Programmer/Development Board  Free Lite version of HI-TECH ® Pro compiler used for all of the boo™s projects If you liked his first C book Beginner™s Guide to Embedded C Programming then you will love this one. When you have finished reading this book and completed the projects, you be well beyond the title of Beginner and well on your way to becoming an experienced programmer in C.

    In this Volume Chuck takes the reader to the next level by introducing how to drive displays, how to use interrupts, how to use serial communication, how to use the internal hardware peripherals of the PIC16F690 Microcontroller such as SPI, PWM and Timers. He even introduces how to drive a stepper motor for those looking for electromechanical design help. He tackles these topics with his typical down to earth style of writing that makes the reader comfortable as they learn what some consider very difficult topics for the beginner. In addition he continues to use the very powerful HI-TECH C compiler in its free Lite mode so the reader can program along with little or no expense.

    All the projects in the book include the software and the hardware schematics so the reader can reproduce the same projects Chuck creates on their own. This is a great companion to the “Beginners Guide to Embedded C Programming but also stands well on its own. If you are looking to learn Embedded C Programming for the Microchip PIC Microcontroller or want to expand your knowledge of using the internal features, then this book needs to be in your library.

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction

    • Chapter 1 Getting Started

    • Chapter 2  Driving an LED Display

    • Chapter 3  Driving an LCD

    • Chapter 4  Storing Data

    • Chapter 5  External Interrupt

    • Chapter 6  Using the Timer 1 Interrupt

    • Chapter 7  RS232 Communication

    • Chapter 8  SPI Communication

    • Chapter 9  Pulse Width Modulation

    • Chapter 10  Driving a Stepper Motor

    • Conclusion

    • Appendix A  Inside the PIC16F690Appendix B \ Development Board Schematic Index

    Documentation and Downloads