Continuity Tester (Assembled)

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    Description: Two range tester will buzz up to 3 ohm LO range, and 185 ohm HI range. You can set your own ranges by changing resistor values connected to the LM324 quad op-amp. Full circuit description, PCB and components supplied. A Continuity Tester is one of the most useful pieces of test equipment to have. It is used for testing the electrical path (continuity) between two points. It is more useful and efficient than using a multimeter to do the same job. This Continuity Tester has an audible output so you can keep your eyes on the probe tips while working. In addition it will only 'buzz' through a specified resistance or less. Above this value the tester will not make any sound. A switch is provided to allow this resistance to be varied. The Tester runs from a 9V battery (not supplied). The tester will 'buzz' up to about 2.8 ohm for the LO position and up to 185ohm for the HI position (this may vary slightly due to component tolerances). PCB size: 51mm x 38mm (2" x 1.5"). (CPS110)

    NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for assembly!

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