ZigBee Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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  • Eliminate wire network set up cost and labor hour
  • Reduce maintenance complexity and cost
  • Flexible in extension
  • Support varied network topology
  • Battery (AA*2) life lasts for one year
Description: "Technology Review"brings forward that Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) will be the first of Top 10 technologies changing human life, which is composed by one to many wireless data collectors and varied sensors. Its major application is to detect the environmental changes proactively through the internal sensors nodes collecting and delivering the detected data or make corresponding process and calculation.

  • Wireless sensor transmission technology.
  • built-in temperature and humidity sensor element, collates ZigBee wireless communication product detecting temperature and humidity values and send to the terminal.
  • Network Topology can be extended to mesh transmission, suitable for widely regional deployment.
  • The wireless temperature and humidity sensor adopting universal domain channel of 2.4GHz.
  • Small volume. Easy to build. THZ100 is applicable in a power limited semi-conductor factory, medical environments construction interferences, and also, outdoor long-distance transmission to meet varied application demands.
  • No need to construct or install. The user simply needs to switch on to use the product.
  • Lost in energy consuming. THZ100 has sleeping mode to reduce standby power consuming. 2 AA alkaline batteries can have the item operated for one year at data rate of one minute.
  • Sensor:

    • Temperature Accuracy = ±0.5℃ @25℃
    • Temperature Resolution = ±0.01℃
    • Humidity Measurement Range = 0~100%RH
    • Humidity Accuracy = ±4.5%RH @25℃
    • Humidity Resolution = ±0.05%RH
    • WPAN:

      • Frequency Range = 2.4~2.4835GHz
      • Transmission Range = 120m (Open sight)
      • Network Topology = Star//Cluster-Tree
      • Sensitivity = -96dBm
      • Data Rate = Max. 250Kbps
      • Power = 0dBm
      • Communication Time Interval Setting = 1~65,535 seconds
    • Interface/ Power Supply:

      • Antenna = 2dBi omni-directional antenna
      • Operating Voltage = DC3V (AA alkaline battery*2)-(Data rate at one minute, battery life lasts for one year)
      • Operating Current = Sleep mode 50μA/Active mode 50mA
    • Mechanism Description:

      • Dimension(L*W*H) = Plastic 42*36*68mm
      • Weight = 38g
      • Operating Temperature Range = -10~50℃