SL620 PIR Sensor Module (High/Low Output)

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              SL620 human body induction module is an automatic control product based on infrared technology. It has high sensitivity, high reliability and ultra-low voltage working mode. It is widely used in all kinds of automatic induction equipment, especially in dry battery-powered automatic control products.

              Technical parameters:
              Working Voltage Range DC1.8-28V
              When the current is less than 50uA, 5V
              Level Output High 3V/Low 0V
              Trigger mode repeated trigger (default)
              Delay time default 10S (5-200S adjustable) can produce zero seconds-10 minutes
              Blockade time default 2.5S, can be produced in a range of zero seconds - tens of seconds
              The external dimension of PCB is 32.7mmx24mm.
              Induction Angle < 120 Degree Cone Angle (Visual Lens Performance)
              Induction distance up to 20 meters (visual lens performance)
              Working temperature - 20-+85 degrees
              Induction Lens Size Diameter: 23mm (Default)

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