PC Serial Port Stepper Motor Interface Card (24V)

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  • PC Serial Port Stepper Motor Interface Card
  • NOW MUCH FASTER - Up to 6.3kHz Stepping Rates
  • Connects to the PC serial port and provides an easy to use interface for connecting and controlling stepper motors by your PC. You can multidrop up to 4 interface cards off the 1 RS232 serial line so you can control up to a total of 16 stepper motors.

You simply write ascii commands through the PC's serial port to the card to control each of the stepper motors. A free PC program (source code in VB is included) is provided so that you can execute a number of commands and repeat the process.

Finished Dimensions (mm): 78Wx88Lx25H

Examples of the commands are:

@01 AMOV 1000 2000 n 4000 do an absolute move of stepper 1,2 and 4 to positions 1000, 2000 and 4000
@01 AMOV 2000 do an absolute move of stepper 1 to position 2000
@02 RMOV -400 do a relative move of stepper 2 400 steps backwards
@03 POSN 10000 indicate stepper 3 is at position 1000
@04 STOP stop stepper 4
@01 STAT card sends the status of motors 1 to 4 whether they are moving or not and status of limit switches.

Positions can be between -99999999 and 99999999 steps. The user can also set the acceleration and deceleration rates when starting and ending a sequence of steps. Limit switch inputs are available for each of the motors to prevent motors moving out of range.

Revisions Jan 06 - Two new commands can turn on and off a direction signal on the board for a specified time. For example the user could control two stepper motors for a telescope and using the commands switch on and off a relay for a specified time to operate a camera shutter. Nov 06 - Faster Stepping rates, Alternate Acceleration Curve, Saving of parameters to EEPROM, Serial Response on completion of Move and XOR Checksum Options Sep 07 - Simultaneous Motor Control Added - Control all four motors simultaneously, no more frustration of having one motor start moving before the other. Sep 08 - Added 2 Relays to allow you to switch on and off lights, DC motors, valves etc Dec 08 - Faster Stepping rates up to 29000 Steps/sec Finished Dimensions (mm): 78Wx92Lx25H Available as KTA-190 (12V Powered) or KTB-190 (24V Powered)

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