Arduino Thermocouple Multiplexer Shield (T - MAX31855T) No Headers

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SKU : KTA-259T
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Note: Assembled version comes with headers pre-soldered to the board. 

Description: The KTA-259v4 Thermocouple Multiplexer Shield is designed to easily allow multiple high temperature readings with an Arduino control board. With the new version there are multiple advantages over the old KTA-259, namely, wider temperature range including below 0°C, higher accuracy, higher resolution and ability to use more thermocouple types (dependent on model).

Screw terminals are provided for thermocouple connections as thermocouple wires can not be soldered.

Note: The v3 shield does not ship with Arduino headers, check the related products for suitable options. The board accepts both standard headers and R3 headers.

    • Automotive – Engine, Exhaust and Brake temperatures are higher than most temperature sensors can handle, but within the range of Thermocouples.
    • Ovens, Furnaces and Kilns – At temperatures where other temperature sensors will not operate.
    • Freezer or Cryogenic monitoring – Where temperatures are well below 0°C.
    • Chemical Processes – Where corrosive chemicals may damage probes or reach high temperatures thermocouples are more readily available for such processes.
    • Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring, Data Acquisition or Logging Systems– With cheap readily available thermocouples.
SKU / Part Number Thermocouple Type IC Measured Temperature Range Thermocouple Maximum Temperature Range [1]
KTA-259K K MAX31855K -200°C to +1350°C -270°C to +1372°C
KTA-259J J MAX31855J -40°C to +750°C -210°C to +1200°C
KTA-259N N MAX31855N -200°C to +1300°C -270°C to +1300°C
KTA-259S S MAX31855S +50°C to +1600°C +50°C to +1768°C
KTA-259T T MAX31855T -250°C to +400°C -270°C to +400°C
KTA-259E E MAX31855E -40°C to +900°C -270°C to +1000°C
KTA-259R R MAX31855R -50°C to +1770°C -50°C to +1768°C
KTA-259[2] K MAX6675 0 to +1024°C -270°C to +1372°C
KTB-259[2] K MAX6674 0 to +128°C -270°C to +1372°C
[1] This is the range of temperatures that a thermocouple of this type can measure, the Measured Temperature Range is the actual range the KTA-259 can digitize.

[2] KTA-259 and KTB-259 are discontinued and are included for reference only.

  • Add up to 8 Thermocouples to an Arduino
  • Cold Junction Compensated Output
  • K, J, N, S, T, E or R Type thermocouples supported dependent on model
  • 0.1 (2.54mm) Pitch Screw Terminals for Thermocouple connection
  • 14-bit 0.25°C Resolution
  • Nominal ±2°C Accuracy
  • Based on MAX31855 Cold-Junction Compensated Thermocouple-to-Digital Converter and ADG608 Multiplexer IC
  • 13 x 8 Prototyping Area with Analog and Power pins
  • Chip Select Pin Jumper Selectable means multi SPI shield compatibility
  • Combine with SD card shield for powerful Temperature Logging
  • Powered from 3.3V Arduino Pin, 5V compatible

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